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Occupy Cookies

California College of the Arts




In 2011, there was a great deal of tension about the distribution of wealth, especially in America. Adbusters magazine posted a call to action requesting frustrated American citizens to Occupy Wall Street with their one demand. This sparked an occupy movement all over the states and the world.




Artists and designers need to respond to the current environment around them. Respond to Occupy San Francisco or Oakland using cookies or cupcakes.




I baked 100 cookies and drew 1% on all of them coloured icing. I used the financial colours of black and red. In finance, when businesses are in the red they are considered not profitable, and in the black is when the business is profitable. I stood in the financial district of San Francisco and took photos of people with the cookies.




The disparity affects everyone. The cookies acted as a catalyst to show the faces of the movement.

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