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Future Lions

Nike+ Global Charge

London College of Communication



25% of the world lacks electricity and about half of the world’s population cannot afford shoes.



The goal was to connect an audience to a product or service from a global brand in a way that wasn’t possible three years ago.



Use the world’s thinnest generator, in Nike shoes, to generate energy for USB chargeable products. Nike customers can give their old Nike+ global charge shoes back to Nike for a discount on a new pair of shoes. People in developing countries are in need of light and shoes for safety and health. To help solve this issue, Nike will take the old shoes, service them, and give them to third world communities with a USB chargeable light. 



Nike+ Global charge opens up ideas of what energy generation could be. It is very possible that one day we could live in a world where energy can be captured and used anywhere. It could very well become the norm for customers to expect companies to create products that can generate its own energy, whether that is through motion, sound or other potential energy. We could eventually find ourselves in a world without wall sockets.

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